PRESTO Consortium

The consortium comprises a coherent, vibrant alliance of music educational institutions.

It includes two Higher Education Institutions: Liszt Academy of Music and its Kodály Institute (Hungary), Dublin City University (Ireland) through its School of Theology, Philosophy and Music. There are two national choral associations from countries with outstanding choral culture: Sing Ireland, and the National Youth Choir of Scotland; and a private Finnish enterprise: Caprice Oy, an online education company with significant experience in remote music teaching. The partnership is founded on a firm belief in the values of European cultural heritage and within that the proven educational concept of Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály, which is a UNESCO registered Safeguarding Practice. This ground-breaking pedagogical approach places joyful and active musical experience (particularly singing) at the centre of music learning and teaching as the most important source for the reception and appreciation of musical art. It is the foundation on which the PRESTO partnership is firmly built, as all partners have a deep connection with the concept and its implementation in their own countries and around the world.