Short Courses

The Institute is often asked to organise special short courses for foreign groups of 5-15 participants. 

These 3-10 day programmes include 4-5 hours of lectures, practical lessons and demonstration classes.

Some of these courses have been held regularly, like the Mini Study Tour - a Visitor's Course organized in cooperation with the British Kodály Academy, or the courses for


Over the last twenty-five years there have been more than 80 such courses for participants from 30 different countries.

These groups have consisted of music teachers and students from Australia, China, South Korea, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and so on.

Participants of the Short Courses receive a certification of participation.


For more information, please contact Ms Laura Kéri at


Courses for Hungarian music teachers:

Another very important part of the Institute's activities is to organise in-service training courses for Hungarian music teachers. Besides the summer seminars the Institute offers occasional short courses for Hungarian music teachers working in different types of schools. These include summer courses, week-end workshops and one-week courses for primary school teachers, music primary school teachers, conservatory teachers and choral conductors. The subjects (solfege, theory of music, choral conducting, methodology, music literature, etc.) in these courses are designed to develop participants' musical skills and extend their knowledge of specialized subjects and pedagogy.