Post-master Course in Advanced Kodály Studies

Full Time Post-master Course in Advanced Kodály Studies with optional advanced level International Kodály Certificate (IKC: Advanced Kodály-trained Musician and Trainer)

Intense, flexible, two semesters in-person course with different compulsory modules and with optional advanced level International Kodály Certificate (IKC) exam, specially designed for those who have graduated from the Kodály Institute's Kodály MA degree programme (or with any equivalent MA degree in Music Education, with proven advanced Kodály-studies) and willing to deepen their knowledge and complement it with the advanced level International Kodály Certificate as an option. Our Post-master Course is with different modules to tailor the programme to our students’ skills and the type of career they want to build in the future. The course introduces new challenges in music pedagogy through traditional personal teaching methods, following the guidelines of Kodály's oeuvre, in cooperation with other relevant Departments of the Liszt Academy and partner educational institutions in Hungary. The programme also serves as a preparatory course for further doctoral studies in the field of music education and methodology. 


Course content:

Subject to individual needs, with a minimum assessment criteria of 16 units/week

Compulsory Subjects – 10 units

  • Musicianship (Solfege, Theory) – 2x90 minutes/week – 4 units
  • Kodály's philosophy of education in the 21st century – 60 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Choral singing – 120 minutes/week – 2 units
  • Creative musical exercises and improvisation – 45 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Observation in School – 2x45 minutes/week – 2 units

Compulsory Modules – Practice and Methodology – 4x45 or 2x90 minutes/week – 4 units
for your choice, one module is compulsory

  • Church Music – with Gregorian chant, Gregorian conducting and organ.
  • Conducting and Repertoire
  • Instrumental Music Pedagogy (based on the student’s instrumental skills)
  • Music for Students with Special Needs
  • Voice Pedagogy and Repertoire
  • Kodály’s Ouvre in Research
  • Early Childhood Music Education

Elective Subjects – minimum 60 minutes/week – minimum 2 units is compulsory

  • Individual Voice – 30 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Individual Piano – 30 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Coaching (piano) – 30 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Chamber Music or Singing – 45 minutes/week – 1 unit
  • Tutoring in group for the optional IKC Teaching Methodology exam – 60 minutes/week – 2 units
  • Mentoring Practice (On demand. The mentoring committee's approval is required) – 60 minutes/week – 2 units discount from the tuition fee.

The course starts in September 2024 and ends at the end of May 2025. The language of the course is English.

The number of students is limited and subject to a prior admission interview.

Admission requirements:

Students who have completed or are going to complete the MA degree in Kodály Music Pedagogy at the Kodály Institute by June 2024 or coming from other universities with an equivalent MA degree (with certified Kodály studies) are eligible to follow the Post-master Course.

Students from other universities must submit the copy of their MA degree and any diplomas received from certified Kodály studies, a professional CV and a motivation letter. 

For those who are willing to obtain the International Kodály Certificate, a level checking musicianship test will be required.

Admission interview (online or in person):

The applicant must give a short, 5-6 minutes long creative presentation about professional path, as well as about future plans and visions, indicating the compulsory Module chosen. The presentation may contain live music performance, video and sound effects, or any other creative tools.

Application deadline:

Applications are ongoing, interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, following applications. We advise all applicants to apply as early as possible but by 31 May 2024 the latest

Applications must be sent with the required documentation (in .pdf file) to this e-mail: office [at] kodaly [dot] hu, with „Post-master course with advanced Kodály studies” in the subject line.

In case of personal reasons, we might consider late application, please contact us at: office [at] kodaly [dot] hu 

Tuition fee:

Should be paid after units, 1 unit is 55 000 HUF/ semester (incl. 27% VAT)

The minimum fee is 880 000 HUF / semester (16 units, incl. 27% VAT), but active mentoring assistantship, one can count with 2 units’ discount.

Optional International Kodály Certificate: 120.000 HUF (exam and certificate)


Your data will be used exclusively for your application and registering process. You can find more information about the Liszt Academy’s personal data protection here. We also process your personal data in connection with any online meetings, online entrance exams. Recordings (if any) will be announced.