International Relations

Over the decades, the Institute, as a distinguished international centre for advanced studies in Kodály-based music education and music teacher training, has had a profound influence on several generations of music educators from all over the world. Apart from individual music educators, the Institute has built valuable contacts with music institutions as well from all over the world.

A . Partner institutions that have adapted Kodály’s principles in their study or training programmes

► Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) - Beijing, China   

The Kodály programme at the Institute of Music Education of CCOM was established in 1999 under the auspice of widely renowned music education professor Jianjin Gao. Since then an intensive and fruitful co-operation has evolved (e.g.: student groups from CCOM attended Kodály Seminars in Kecskemét, conferences on the Kodály system of musical education have been organised at CCOM in Beijing and exchange of experts, instructors, performing artists, etc.) which resulted in an institutional agreement with the CCOM on the field of music education. The Kodály Institute is proud to announce that the agreement appoints CCOM as an exclusive partner for PRC. Every year agreed quotas of selected BA and MA students come to study in the Kodály Institute for a year using the scholarship of the Hungary Scholarship Board.

► Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag – The Netherlands

The Conservatorium has recently implemented a Master programme in Kodály Music Education following years of co-operation with the Kodály Institute. It was member of the consortium who successfully completed the Kodály HUB – Sing. Learn. Share. collaborative Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ project. Through Erasmus mobility programs students of the Conservatorium can apply to study in the Institute, and their Muziek als Vak teacher training programmes regularly organise study trips to Hungary. The faculty of the Master programme are invited to the Kodály Institute to deliver courses.

► The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland  

The Conservatoire offers a Kodály musicianship module as an elective in the Bachelor of Education (Music) with Honours  programme as a result of a fruitful co-operation with the Kodály Institute’s faculty. The Conservatorium was member of the consortium who successfully completed the Kodály HUB – Sing. Learn. Share. collaborative Strategic Partnership project. Through Erasmus mobility programs students can apply to study in the Institute, while the instructors of the Kodály module are regularly invited to the Kodály Institute to deliver courses.

► National Youth Choir of Scotland 

NYCOS National Choirs provide prestigious singing opportunities for Scotland’s young singers. The basis of the choirs’ activities stems from a residential course where time is split between individual vocal coaching, Kodály-based musicianship sessions and sectional and full rehearsals. 

NYCOS works in a variety of ways to support music education at all levels, providing Kodály-based training and the Kodály Summer School for music practitioners, specialist and non-specialist teachers at primary, secondary, further and higher education levels. 

NYCOS has written, developed and published a series of resources for both specialist and non-specialist teachers and choir leaders. The resources are suitable for all ages, and are based on the educational principles and teachings of Zoltán Kodály.

The Kodály approach is used in many schools, universities and choirs across Scotland not just within NYCOS. Their Summer School affiliates the leading Kodály experts to teach, lecture and conduct.

NYCOS was member of the consortium who successfully completed the Kodály HUB – Sing. Learn. Share. collaborative Strategic Partnership project.

► National Youth Choir of The Netherlands  

The renowned Dutch choirs adapted the Kodály approach in the musicianship and solfége training of the choir members, regularly invite László Nemes for training and conducting the choirs, and the beautiful choir works of Kodály are on the choruses’ repertoire.

The Female Choir was the demonstration choir at the Kodály Summer Seminar in 2017.

The National Youth Choir of The Netherlands was member of the consortium who successfully completed the Kodály HUB – Sing. Learn. Share. collaborative Strategic Partnership project.

► Holy Names University Oakland (USA) 

The Oakland California based Holy Names University was the first in the world who established a Kodály Center back in 1969. Since then the Kodály Center has offered training and resources for teachers, conductors, parents, and others interested in the musical development of children. Students from throughout the world come to the Center to develop their musicianship and learn how to apply the philosophy of Zoltán Kodály in choral and classroom settings. Offered Kodály programmes: a Master of Music Music Education with Kodály Emphasis, a Certificate Programme for Kodály specialists and a summer Certificate Programme. The Kodály Center was instrumental in creating the Collection of American Folk Songs for Teaching in 1984. The Collection was recognised as a folk song archive by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. The collection provided the basis for the online American Folk Song Collection. 


B. Other partners 

- Universities from Europe within the Erasmus mobility programme   







- Other universities, institutions

► British Kodály Academy (BKA)

► Capital University (Columbus, Ohio, USA)    

Selected students enrolled in the Capital University’s Master of Music in Music Education with Kodály Institute Emphasis study programme can spend one semester at the Kodály Institute with the aim of broadening their perspectives and deepen their knowledge about the Kodály-based music education. This programme goes back to the 1990s, it was one of the very first initiatives for an educational exchange between a North-American and a Hungarian Institution.

► Greece - Kodály Conservatory   

Kodály Conservatory is a private institution offering complete professional and amateur music education in classical and modern instrumental music, vocal music, music theory, traditional music and Early Music. The Greek Kodály Institute is a special department of the Conservatory offering professional training in Kodály’s Music Pedagogical Method and in Choir Conducting. The Certificate in Kodály Music Education issued by them is countersigned by the director of the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy.

► STAR  - The Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts – Singapore  

The Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) was set up in 2011 to enhance the professional excellence and practice of art and music teachers, and to improve the quality of art and music education in schools of Singapore. The growing interest in the adaptation of the Kodály approach led to the establishment of a yearly training programme for primary and secondary music teachers delivered by several professors from the Kodály Institute. Numerous participants of these short courses later have come to pursue graduate studies at the Kodály Institute.

► University of  North Texas USA 


C. Affiliations of the International Kodály Society

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