International Relations

The Institute is proud to have contacts with music institutions all over the world:

► Associazione Italiana Kodály Educazione Musicale (Kodály Music Educational Society of Italy), Italy – institutional agreement

Members of the AIKEM are regularly visiting courses of the Institute; AIKEM awards a scholarship every two years for the International Kodály Seminar at the Kodály Institute.

► British Kodály Academy – BKA (London, UK)

The British Kodály Academy is a registered charity working to promote the advancement of British music education, following the teachings of the composer and educator Zoltán Kodály.

Through the Academy the Institute regularly welcomes students in Kecskemét, and the teachers of the Institute are often asked to teach at the courses organized by the Academy.

► Capital University (Columbus, Ohio, USA) – institutional agreement

Within the framework of a professional agreement, selected students from Capital University spend one semester of study in Kecskemét.

The establishment of a study programme at the Institute for students from Capital University was one of the very first initiatives for an educational exchange programme of such nature between a North-American and a Hungarian Institution in the 1990s. Capital University accepted all transfer credits acquired by students during their one-semester residence in Kecskemét thus acknowledging the high-level academic programme of the Institute. It was an extremely important step toward the recognition of the Institute’s programmes at national and international level.

► Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China) – institutional agreement

Cooperation between the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), Beijing, China and the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy dates back now for more than a decade. Mutual visits of leaders of both institutions laid the foundation for the - by now - firm and long range cooperation.

Student groups from CCOM attended Kodály Seminars in Kecskemét. Workshops and international conferences on the Kodály system of musical education have been organized at CCOM in Beijing. Exchange of experts, instructors, performing artists and students formed ever stronger bonds between the two centres of music teacher training, making this cooperation one of the most active and fruitful exchange programmes for both schools of higher learning.

► Dublin Institute of Technology, Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) – Erasmus exchange programme

Leading professors of both Institutions are former graduates of the Kodály Institute.

► Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) - Erasmus exchange programme

► Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) – institutional agreement, Erasmus exchange programme

The ESML has organised its first one week intensive study tour for Portuguese students at the Institute in 2008. Since then (it did several things to help (the) disseminat(ion of) the Kodály Concept in Portugal:) these study tours became regular (?) and the ESML also keeps summer courses in Portugal, inviting professors from the Institute. Its teachers and students are regular guests at the yearly and summer courses of the Institute.

► Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte - IUNA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – institutional agreement

Teachers of the Institute helped the university to develop their already existing extracurricular seminar into an academic curriculum. Teachers of the Institute occasionally keep short courses at the university, while teachers and students from the university take part in the several courses of the Institute.

► International Kodály Society - IKS (Budapest, Hungary)

The beginnings of the co-operation dates back to the opening of the Institute in 1975 when the IKS was also founded in Kecskemét after the 3rd International Kodály Seminar held at the Kodály Institute. The Society awards whole-year scholarships to those who want to study at the Institute. Through the Society the Institute is co-operating with the different national Kodály societies as well.

► Kodály Conservatory – Greek Kodály Institute (Athens, Greece) – institutional agreement

Kodály Conservatory is a private institution offering complete professional and amateur music education. It hosts departments of classical and modern instrumental music, vocal music, music theory, traditional music and Early Music. The Greek Kodály Institute is a special department of the Conservatory offering professional training in Kodály’s Music Pedagogical Method and in Choir Conducting.

The Certificate in Kodály Music Education issued by the Greek Kodály Institute is countersigned by the director of the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy.

► La Voix de Kodály en France – The “Voice of Kodály” in France (Lyon, France)

La Voix de Kodaly en France is a non-profit organization, created in 2001. Its aim is to promote the Kodaly concept in France, and create a network for music teachers interested in this pedagogy. Its members occasionally visit the summer or yearly courses of the Institute. 

► Karol Szymanowsky Academy of Music (Katowice, Poland) – written agreement, Erasmus exchange programme

The Institute regularly accepts visiting groups of students of the Academy, both during the academic year and at the International Kodály Seminars. In December 2004, the two institutions strengthened their co-operation in artistic, didactic and academic fields with a written agreement.

► Keimyung University – Daegu, Korea

Founded by American and Korean Presbyterian Church leaders in 1954, Keimyung University is a private university. Since then it became one of the most prominent universities in the country, with an especially outstanding medical faculty. The University has musical relations the Chopin Academy, Poland and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Hungary. Consequently, the Keimyung-Liszt Music Institute was established in July, 2009.

Teachers of the Kodály Institute keep shorter Kodály courses regularly at the University. A group of students and teachers from Korea is regularly visit the Institute.

► Mater Dei Institute of Education – Dublin City University (Dublin, Ireland) - Erasmus exchange programme

► Ministry of Education – Singapore

Since 2010 the Liszt Academy of Music has a written agreement with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Teachers of the Kodály Institute regularly teach in shorter Kodály courses in Singapore, and the Institute yearly has students coming from the country.

► North Texas University – institutional agreement

► National Youth Choir of Scotland – NYCoS (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The National Youth Choir of Scotland was established in 1996 to provide a national infrastructure for young people, teachers and choir directors to support and develop choral singing in Scotland.

Teachers and conductors representing NYCoS regularly come to courses of the Kodály Institute. Lucinda Geoghegan, Director of NYCoS Education, has been invited clinician and lecturer at the summer and yearly training courses of the Institute.  Following the 2011 NYCoS Education Conference at which Dr. László Norbert Nemes (present director of the Kodály Institute) was keynote speaker, he has agreed to represent NYCoS Education as Patron.

NYCoS is planning to have regular courses for conductors every autumn from 2012 at the Kodály Institute.

► OAKE – Organization of American Kodály Educators (Moorhead, USA)

Organization of American Kodály Educators was founded in 1975. Its purpose is to promote Kodály's concept of "Music for Everyone" through the improvement of music education in schools. The Institute has offered scholarships to members of the Organization.

► University of Redlands (Redlands, USA)

► University of Alberta, Augustana Campus (Alberta, Canada)


In the past the Institute has also received students from the following institutions:

► East-Helsinki Music Institute (Helsinki, Finland)

► Frederic Chopin Academy of Music (Warsaw, Poland)

The co-operation with the Academy started in the late 1980s. In December 2004, the two institutions signed an agreement in which they expressed their will to continue co-operating in the field of music education and their artistic and scientific exchange.

► Instituto 'Roberto Goitre' (Italy)

► Monash University (Frankston, Australia)

from year to year, the University sends a group of Australian students to the special short courses organized by the Institute.

► New Jersey State College (New Jersey, USA)

► Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile)

► Universidade de Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal) - through the Socrates Program

► Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Santiago, Spain)

► Universitat de Lleida (Lleida, Spain)

► University of Mississippi (Mississippi, USA)