Mission Statement

The Institute is one of the most important teaching, training and research centres in Europe. We promote and facilitate the acquisition of a high standard of all applicable musical knowledge and musical skills related to classical art music and traditional music, supplemented by comprehensive training in the theory and practice of Kodály-inspired music pedagogy. The teaching and learning process is characterised by the harmonious unity of an in-depth theoretical education and diverse musical practices. 

We consider Kodály’s concept of music education as one of the most important, eternal, enduring, and value-preserving music pedagogical approaches, which over the course of many decades, have become a highly significant part of universal music culture. 

We continuously aim to convey Kodály’s concept in the most professional and most authentic way possible through musical and music pedagogical activities, constantly and pliantly adapted to ever-changing cultural environments. 

The most important characteristics of the Kodály Institute’s everyday life include the following pillars: high quality teaching, authenticity, international community and the sharing of the joy of music making.