Director's Greeting

Dear Visitor,

It is my particular pleasure to introduce the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music to you. By surfing this website you will be able to gain a valuable impression of our school, which has over the past four decades become the international centre for the most authentic promotion of Hungarian music education developed under the inspiration of Zoltán Kodály. Kodály was an extraordinary man with a highly creative mind and spirit whose lifework has become exemplary not only for his contemporaries but for subsequent generations both in Hungary and beyond.

We, working here in the Kodály Institute, believe that it is our duty to train music educators in the spirit of Kodály, who believed that dedicated, well-trained and accomplished music educators serve as missionaries for the preservation of the aesthetic and humanistic values expressed in musical art. The transmission of these values, with their capacity to enhance social and cultural transformation, to future generations, and to our children, is our ultimate task.

The essence of Kodály’s educational concept is rooted in the recognition of the significant role that music-making and music learning have in relation to the education of the whole child, in his/her intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Music has the power to touch the lives of all young people in many different ways.Therefore it should, according to Kodály, be central to young people’s education.

I hope that this site and this documentary film below will inspire you to come and visit, or study with us in the future.

Dr László Norbert Nemes, Director