Winning composition by Máté Balogh

22 September 2020

Dr Máté Balogh, faculty member of the Kodály Institute, received the prize of the Composers' Contest of the Salvatore Quasimodo International Poet Competition in Balatonfüred, Hungary.  


Salvatore Quasimodo, the Nobel Prize winning Italian poet visited Balatonfüred in 1961 for medical treatment. On the Tagore Promenade he planted a memorial tree for the memory of his recovery and he wrote a poem about the landscape and his experiences in the town. The Quasimodo Poetry Competition have been organized every year since 1992. The Meeting of Poets is an outstanding event in both the Hungarian and the Italian cultural life.

As part of the event this year, a composers' competition have been announced based on the poems that won prizes in the poetry competition in previous years. The main prize for the best composition - based on Adél Kálnay's poem "Ami marad" (=Whatever is left) - was awarded to Máté Balogh

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