Renovation work in progress at the Institute

2 April 2020

Plans are underway to renovate the monastery building of the Institute, implemented under the Modern Cities Programme of the Hungarian Government. In the first phase of the development, the roof construction and façade of the monastery are renovated by the contractor, Horváth Építőmester Zrt.

Roof construction has been finished

After complete planning and demolition of the existing roofing, a complete new roofing was made, with roof reinforcement and tinning on nearly 2,000 square feet. Following the demolition of the existing exterior facade plaster, the builders produced a vapor-permeable plaster on nearly 300 square meters.


Further completed:

  • disinfection of the existing roofing elements with liming,
  • dismantling the tower cover and making new cover using planed larch,
  • renovation of the two existing chimneys,
  • demolition of the existing 12 cm thick façade cladding,
  • preparation of the surface of the exterior façade,
  • and the formation of an air-permeable vapor-permeable plaster after crushing of the existing exterior facade plaster.


During the renovation project, the issue of insulation plays a particularly important role

The project includes the renovation of 70 wooden façade windows and 19 façades wrought iron grids, and the installation of 61 window sills using titanium plate.

The contractor also installs the wall insulation against the subsequent soil moisture in the plinth line using a hole injection method.


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