Studying at the Institute

“Kodály Methodology in 3 sentences:

- Make beautiful music with students (Technique and Artistry)
- Create an enjoyment for music-making within students (Ensemble and Motivation)
- Teach students to hear, understand, and read what they’ve performed (Pedagogy)”

(Robert Brian Vannoy, student of the 2019-2020 academic year from the USA)


If you are a musician and teach music and would like to enrich your musical experiences, including the further development of your musicianship, pedagogical skills, conducting technique, then the Kodály Institute is for you. Our holistic approach aims at harmoniously connecting the theory and practice of music. The training we offer will lead you to an in-depth understanding of the rich variety of classical musical repertoire through a multitude of musical activities. We believe that studying at the Kodály Institute and experiencing Kodály’s concept and its practice in the country where it was born and it has been successfully implemented in daily use for decades, is a life changing experience. The Kodály Concept and creative pedagogical approaches deriving from it are presented here in their most authentic form.

The Kodály Institute is a place where you become part of a diverse, international community. A community of outstanding music educators, music lovers, and more globally, of people who have embraced Kodály’s philosophy for the benefit of different generations of musicians and music lovers. After finishing your studies at the Institute you will leave with „a bag full of tools” in your hand you can use in your everyday life. The friendly and helpful atmosphere is a plus.

Yasmin Folini (Greece) and Sarah Skerritt (Ireland) former students of the Kodály Institute speak about what studying here means.


The Institute offers various courses tailored to the needs of the students. You can choose from 3-levelled non-degree programme, BA and MA courses based on your background and knowledge. Internationally renowned instructors lead and guide your studies throughout the years. Compulsory and elective subjects – subject to the programme you choose – include Theory and Practice of the Kodály Concept, Choral Conducting, Choral Music Education, Music Theory, Solfége, Methodology, Music History, Voice Training, Piano, Chamber Music, Kokas Pedagogy, Creative Piano Pedagogy (ZeneZen), etc.


Please follow this link where you can find the checklist and information that you will need to apply. Please check the study programmes carefully before applying to see which course is most suitable for you. If you plan to join the Institute for one year but choose to stay for longer, it is possible to extend your studies.