Preparatory Course in Kodály-based Musical Training


  • one-year long (2 semesters) in-person musical training course based on the renowned Kodály Concept aimed at the harmonious development of the trainee’s general musicianship skills and musical knowledge
  • a preparatory course for students - for vocal and piano majors as well - wishing to enter the BA Degree Courses of the Liszt Academy or the Kodály Institute


  • high-school graduates, university students, musicians and music pedagogues wishing to enrich their professional experiences received through this intensive training programme
  • non-professionals with special interest in musical art and in Hungarian musical culture
  • successful completion of the admission requirements

Admission documents

  • completed application form and questionnaire
  • CV focusing on musical and professional background
  • university transcripts or copy of highest school certificate
  • motivation letter written in English by the applicant
  • the names of two referees with their email addresses
  • English language certificate (only for those students whose first language is not English) - e.g. IELTS Band 6-6.5 or higher or an equivalent of this exam
  • demonstration video (see details below in Admission Requirements)
  • two photos of passport size (upon arrival to Kecskemét the latest)

Applications with the relevant documents must be sent to the following address before 31 May:

office [at] kodaly [dot] hu or kodaly [dot] office [at] gmail [dot] com

Admission requirements

  • for everyone: demonstration video of the applicant’s piano and vocal performance (acceptable digital formats: mp4 or mpeg4 files submitted by web link/url) - one freely chosen unaccompanied vocal piece and one freely chosen piano piece
  • for those who wish to take additional voice lessons the voice demonstration video must include
      - one pre-Classical or Classical Viennese aria or art song
      - one freely chosen art song
      - one unaccompanied vocal piece (for example Gregorian Chant, folk song, or modern art song without accompaniment, etc.)
  • for those who wish to take additional piano lessons the piano demonstration video must include
      - a piece by J. S. Bach chosen by the candidate (at least on the level of the three-part inventions)
      - first movement (Allegro) of a Classical sonata either by J. Haydn or by W. A. Mozart)
      - a piece written by a well-known 19th, 20th or 21st century classical composer
      At least one of the piano pieces has to be played by memory.
  • demonstrated intermediate English language skills
  • Skype interview during which time the applicant will be asked about his/her past professional experiences, ambitions, and special interests (if any).
  • All students admitted to the programme must participate in an aural and written placement test (solfége, music theory, music literature) at the beginning of the academic year, on the basis of which the musicianship study groups will be formed.

course content

Compulsory Subjects:

  • Kodály’s Educational Philosophy (60 minutes per week, 1st semester only) 
  • Kodály’s Lifework (60 minutes per week, 2nd semester only) 
  • Musicianship (6x45 minutes per week) 
  • Voice (30 minutes per week) 
  • Piano (30 minutes per week)
  • Choir (120 minutes per week) 
  • The History and Literature of Western Classical Music (90 minutes per week) 
  • Folk Music (60 minutes per week) 

Additional individual lessons:

  • Voice – (60 minutes per week) 
  • Piano – (60 minutes per week)

A detailed Description of Subjects of the Non-Degree Study Programme is available HERE.

Please note: 
English language is also offered as an optional subject - additional fees apply.

Certificate issued

Certificate of Participation is given to students who have completed all the requirements of the 2 semesters of the course.

Expenses for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Tuition fee:

1 600 000 HUF per year - can be paid in two instalments (800 000 HUF / semester)

Additional voice/piano lessons (60 mins/week)1 100 000 HUF per year - can be paid in two instalments (550 000 HUF / semester)

Concerning the studies, these additional costs for the services below should be taken into account: 

  • visa process
  • pre-arrival guidance and on-going advising in accommodation and lodging
  • transfer to Kecskemét
  • orientation: special programmes to help students understand, acclimate, and adapt to their new surroundings


Fees for the first semester must be paid no later than 15 November, and for the second semester no later than 15 February.

Ways of payment:

1) in cash

2) by bank transfer:

Bank name: HUNGARIAN NATIONAL BANK / Hungarian State Treasury
Bank address: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 71., Hungary
Name of account holder: Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem
Address of account holder: 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8., Hungary
Account number: IBAN HU22 1003 2000 0142 6768 0000 0000

Please write this reference into the appropriate field when transferring: "Kodály Institute"

Students must cover the bank administrative costs when transferring (approx. 2500-3500 HUF).

3) by banking card:

Types of cards accepted: all kinds of VISA, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD, American Express.
Please contact us for details regarding this way of payment.

Please be aware that paying by banking card involves a 2-5% commission that the bank charges on the card holder. Please make sure with your bank at home that transactions are allowed in Hungary. 

Please note that we cannot accept cheques.


Those students who do not pay their fees by the given deadline the following late payment fines will be applied: 1st week: 3 % of total amount, 2nd week: 5 % of total amount, 3rd week: 10 % of total amount.

If payment is not done by the end of the 3rd week the student is not allowed to continue studies in that semester.