Diploma Course

This one-year course focuses on the training of musicians, music educators according to Kodály’s music pedagogical concept both in theory and in practice.

The study programme of the Diploma in Kodály Music Education course is made up of practical and theoretical subjects serving the in-depth and comprehensive development of students’ musical skills and their understanding of Zoltán Kodály’s educational philosophy and its practical adaptation.

Students can extend their studies for a second and third year according to their professional interest.

The language of instruction is English.

A part-time study programme may be set up upon request, however the programme can be composed only of those subjects which are listed in the Course Content (see below).

The Institute offers specializations to all of its students. Please refer to the prerequisites listed next to Diploma Course Specializations.

Application deadline is 1 March each year for studies commencing in September.


General Information

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or its equivalent or at least completed course work towards an undergraduate degree or its equivalent. If the applicant’s university degree is not in music or music education, all formal and non-formal music studies have to be well-documented. In all other cases enrolment in the Institute’s study programme has to be supported by the majority of faculty members.
  • Understanding of the most important musical terminologies and the ability to tranlate them into English (in the beginning of the term all first year students are required to pass a test based on the study material provided and downloadable from the website of the Kodály Institute).

All students will be assigned to different study groups on the basis of aural and written placement tests taken at the Institute after their arrival. (See samples of this test below.)

The academic year begins in September and extends to end of May of the following year.

For details about accommodation and accommodation fees please follow this link.

The Institute reserves the right to change or amend any of its programmes, requirements for degrees, tuition, fees, etc. from year to year.



Deadline for applications is 1 March each year.

However, applicants are kindly asked to send the applications at their earliest  convenience so that necessary arrangements can be made and applicants can be informed of acceptance in time.

The language of instruction and examinations (both oral and written) is ENGLISH.

Students whose first language is not English must submit an English language certificate.

The application form can be downloaded from here: diploma_applicationform. (It is not an online form, so please download and save it to your computer before you start filling it out.)

The following documents must be attached to your application:

  • two photos of passport size
  • professional curriculum vitae
  • questionnaire – download in PDF here: diploma_questionnaire.
  • university transcripts or copy of the highest school certificate
  • motivation letter written in English by the applicant
  • two reference letters written in English or translated into English from the original language of the reference letter
  • audition material (1 piano piece, 1 vocal piece, or a musical performance presented on another instrument: a recording of one vocal piece and one piano piece (or a piece performed on another musical instrument). The following digital formats are acceptable: MPEG4/MP4 (on a DVD or internet link)
  • copy of English language certificate (only for those students whose first language is not English)

Applications must be sent to the following address:

Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Kecskemét, P.O.Box 188, H-6001

Confirmation of acceptance will be sent to future students no later than 1 May of each year.

Appeal against unfavourable decision may be sent to the Board of the Institute (Kecskemét, P.O. Box 188. H-6001 Hungary).


Expenses for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Tuition fee for the full course:1 700 000 HUF
(1st semester: 700 000 HUF, 2nd semester: 1 000 000 HUF)
Part-time students pay fees according to the units indicated next to the subject (see Course Content below): 100.000 HUF / unit
Registration fee:25 000 HUF (to be paid together with the 1st semester fee)
Additional supplies:10 000 HUF per month (use of library, musical instruments in the building of the Institute and audio-visual equipment, educational material received at lessons, Wi-Fi, computer room, etc.)
Electric piano rent:

10 000 HUF per month 

Pianos are temporarily unavailable to rent.

Exam fee:5 000 HUF per exam – this special fee applies if someone misses exams in the exam period
Copies of study documents:5 000 HUF for a copy of certificates
12 000 HUF for a copy of evaluations, degrees



Fees for the first semester must be paid no later than 15 November, and for the second semester no later than 15 February.

Ways of payment:

1) in cash

2) by bank transfer:

Bank name: HUNGARIAN NATIONAL BANK / Hungarian State Treasury
Bank address: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 71., Hungary
Name of account holder: Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem KODÁLY INTÉZET
Address of account holder: 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8., Hungary
Account number: IBAN HU22 1003 2000 0142 6768 0000 0000

Students must cover the bank administrative costs when transferring (approx. 2500-3500 HUF) or paying by bank card (3-4%).

3) Paying by banking card is temporarily unavailable. 



Those students who do not pay their fees by the given deadline the following late payment fines will be applied: 1st week: 3 % of total amount, 2nd week: 5 % of total amount, 3rd week: 10 % of total amount.

If payment is not done by the end of the 3rd week the student is not allowed to continue studies in that semester.


Course Content

Compulsory Subjects:

  • Kodály’s educational philosophy  – 1 unit
  • Lectures about Kodály’s Life Work – 1 unit
  • Methodology – 2 units
  • Musicianship – 3 units
  • Folk music – 1 unit
  • Voice – 1 units
  • Choir– 1 unit
  • Piano– 1 unit

See the descriptions of compulsory subjects here.

Current students of the diploma/non-degree courses, please refer to the printed version of the description of subjects. Contact the Registrar’s Office if you do not have a copy.


Elective Subjects:

6 units (1 unit for each course)

All students working for the diploma of the Kodály Institute have to choose 6 elective courses.

Elective courses will be launched if a minimum number of five students choose the same course.

  1. Choral Conducting Technique and Repertory
  2. Conducting Laboratory – compulsory for all students studying conducting
  3. Choir-building
  4. European Music History
  5. Hungarian Music History
    All candidates for the diploma of the Kodály Institute are expected to include either European or Hungarian music history in their study programme.
  6. Chamber Music
  7. Music and Movement: Kokas-pedagogy
  8. Music and Movement: SZO-method
  9. Score Reading

Other elective courses taught by faculty members will be announced in the beginning of the academic year (eg. reading Latin and German for musicians, contemporary music seminar, seminar on Liszt Ferenc’s lifework, seminar on Bartók).

See the descriptions of elective subjects here.


Specializations (optional) – based on audition:

  • Advanced Choral Conducting
  • Piano Pedagogy
  • Voice Pedagogy
  • Lied-accompaniment Course

See the descriptions of four specializations on offer here.

Students accepted into one of the specialization courses are expected to choose only three courses listed under elective subjects.

The duration of each class is 50 minutes with the exception of voice, piano, score reading and chamber music, which are 30-minute long sessions.

Hungarian language is offered as an optional subject free of charge.


Exams & Evaluation


In addition to the application materials, all students admitted to the Diploma Course are required to complete a placement test (written and oral) at the beginning of the academic year. Based on the results, students will be assigned to different study groups. The faculty reserves the right to alter the groupings.

Please note that this procedure applies to returning students as well in order to ensure that the lessons can be conducted with the greatest benefit for all students.

View samples of the written and oral placement test.


Examinations are held at the end of each semester or at the end of the academic year.

Students will be notified of the content of the examinations and the exact dates during the semester.

The Diploma in Kodály Music Education is awarded to those having completed all the compulsory subjects and 6 units of the elective subjects (17 units altogether).

Certificate of Participation is given to students who have not completed all the requirements for the diploma or who were enrolled for part-time studies.

At the end of each semester students will receive a detailed evaluation for each course completed.

Course work is evaluated by five grades: A, B, C, D, F – A being the highest and D the poorest grade.

F is considered as failed course.

In those courses where no grades are given, students will receive a proof of attendance.

Evaluations will be given to students and it will be their responsibility to forward them to other educational institutions as they see necessary.

Special certificates may also be issued upon request at an extra cost.