Conditions of Use

From January, 2012 the prices of the Library and the Archives has changed:

- membership for a year: 1100 HUF

- daily ticket (for non-members): 250 HUF/day



Criteria for joining the Library of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music:

adult Hungarian citizens with liability whose jobs or studies involves music.

Registration fee is 1100 HUF for a year. The membership and registration include recording the users personal data and issuing the uniform library card which is necessary for borrowing and not transferable. The member should take responsibility for expenses caused by losing the membership card. The replacement card costs 100 HUF.

Members can use the Archives, too, without additional fee.

The registration is free of charge for the employees of the Institute, and they automatically become members of the Library of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music as well.

There is no registration fee for the students of the Institute, the additional supplies contain it for their stay.

Participants of the seminars and courses become members of the Library without registration process, their membership is valid during the term of the seminar/course.

Non-registered visitors can use the Library with a daily-ticket which costs 250 HUF/day.



Free services for members and visitors with daily-tickets:

- visiting the Library, the Archives and the Studio

groups at previously arranged time;

- asking information;

- reading journals

issues of the actual year are in the Library, the previous ones are at the Archives;

- using the catalogues (paper cards, electronic);

- listening to music;

- use every document in the Library and the Archives in the reading rooms;

- photocopying (according to the copyright rules), spiral-binding and thermo binding can be ordered, the prices are set by the regulations for "Service fees of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music".

Claimable services with registration:

- lending books for 2 weeks. After one week, the fines for late return are: 10 HUF/day, borrowing period can be extended;

students of the Institute can borrow books and scores for the whole academic year (part-time students until their departure);

lost documents should be replaced with a same or a newer edition by the user, in case of unobtainability, the value of the book should be paid;

complete editions, handbooks and journals can only be used in the Library;

documents of the Archives cannot be be borrowed;

- lending audivisual documents;

CDs, DVDs and videotapes can be borrowed for the classes or for the weekend after it has been discussed with the librarians. Fines for late return are: 100 HUF/day/document;

- literary research;

- use of copy machine (only for the teachers, students and employees of the Institute, visitors can order photocopying at the Library);

- use the Library of the Liszt Academy;

- interlibrary loan;

this service of the Library is free of charge, but the fee set by the sender library (if there is) should be paid by the user;

- use the computer in the Library and in the Archives (finding information on the web, searching databases, catalogues).



- please do not enter the Library in coat and with big bags;

there isn't a cloakroom at the Library, but there is a place for coats and bags in the building;

- please do not disturb with your behaviour other people in their work;

- please do not cause damage to the documents and the equipment of the Library;

- use of mobile phone is not allowed.