Update regarding the upcoming academic year

19 June 2020

Director's letter - current information concerning the pandemic situation in Hungary

Dear Students,

I am happy to announce that as a result of the admission and audition process during the past couple of weeks we have completed the list of students admitted to the 2020-2021 academic year.

45 new students have been admitted to one of the three non-degree courses. 10 students that have completed their diploma programme in May have signed up for continuing studies with us either offline or online. 3 in the BA and 9 new students in the MA programme have been admitted bringing the total number of students in the undergraduate and graduate programme up to 20. In addition to these high numbers we also expect 11 Erasmus exchange students studying with us either during the first or second term.

Because of the worldwide pandemic situation it is still uncertain how many students can actually enrol into the programmes they have been admitted to and we are even more less certain about the number of students actually arriving to Kecskemét at the end of the summer.

This time I would like to make some up-to-date announcements concerning the next academic year. Let me start with some current information concerning the pandemic situation in Hungary.

  • According to current official statements the epidemic curve in Hungary continues pointing downwards. (For official up-to-date information about COVID-19 related restrictions and regulations, please visit: http://abouthungary.hu/news-in-brief/coronavirus-heres-the-latest/.
  • As of 18 May, the lockdown has been lifted in Hungary (including Budapest) and life is getting back to normal gradually.
  • On 16 June the Parliament terminated the emergency powers handed to the government in March in response to the coronavirus epidemic.
  • The government of Hungary has allowed universities to reopen from 18 May.
  • As of 15 June, the government allows the reopening of cultural institutions, such as libraries and museums.
  • People visiting shops, markets, and shopping malls, or using public transport and taxis are mandated to wear face masks.
  • As of 16 June, the government allows the reopening of cinemas and theatres.
  • International commercial flight options currently exist in Hungary.
  • Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport remains open.
  • Only Hungarian citizens, permanent resident card holders of the European Economic Area (EU member states, Switzerland, and Norway), and other permanent resident card holders who have close Hungarian relatives are able to enter the country, all subject to a 14-day quarantine.
  • All other foreigners may request an exception and entry permit with supporting documents on the National Police website.

We expect that travel restrictions from overseas will also be gradually lifted.

Most important thing:

All our courses will be fully available online and offline in the first term (14 September - 18 December) with the exception of just a few sessions. At the moment we are not providing information about courses advertised for the second semester of the academic year.

Further details:

  • Students arriving to Kecskemét will be able to return to the Institute and face-to-face instruction resumes on 14 September. Students are advised to arrive to Kecskemét no later than 31 August and stay in quarantine for two weeks.
  • According to the most current governmental information every foreign student entering Hungary in the beginning of the next academic year will be required to take a coronavirus test here in Hungary after their arrival. All occurring costs will be covered by the Ministry of Human Resources. We shall give you all assistance in this regard. Update: as of 1 August 2020, this free testing is not provided by the Ministry.
  • The following courses will be offered in the framework of face-to-face instruction: Musicianship, Voice, Piano, Chamber Music, Score Reading, Choral Conducting, The Theory and Practice of Kodály-based Music Education, Voice Pedagogy, Piano Pedagogy and Composition.
  • All other courses will be offered online.
  • For those choosing to start their study year online we shall not be able to offer the following courses: Chamber Music, Choral Conducting, Voice Pedagogy and Piano Pedagogy.
  • At the moment we are not able to give information about the following courses: School Observation, Choir, Choir Lab, Creative Piano Pedagogy (ZeneZen), Advanced Choral Conducting Practicum, Kokas Pedagogy.
  • Depending on the situation Choir and Choir Lab may be replaced by other subjects such as The History of European Choral Music and Choral Music Education and will be made available online also.
  • Score reading will be available as a seminar in a group of 4-5 students except in the BA and MA courses where it will remain an individual study course.
  • Throughout the academic year we shall give careful consideration to issues such as class sizes, special events and cleaning protocol.
  • During the first term students will have the possibility to switch between face-to-face learning and online learning at any time.

Dear Students,

We shall continue reviewing the plans described above on a regular basis. Should there be any significant changes to official advice on coronavirus we shall send out an update of our plans to you immediately.

Kind regards,

Dr László Norbert Nemes