Students' recordings on our YouTube channel

18 January 2021

We are going to share with you some wonderful recordings prepared by our students for the Institute’s Christmas concert at the end of last year.

It was the most unusual Christmas gathering which we managed to turn into a highly enjoyable event. We were singing together, listened to some nice music together, played an online quiz, gave out many prizes. And of course we all dressed up for the occasion and even ate some Christmas goodies and drank hot apple drink. It turned out to be a real celebration that for a moment helped us to forget about all the uncertainties that surrounded and still surrounds us. It is so remarkable to see how our instinct to live, and our eternal longing for beauty and good, unleashes an incredible amount of creative energy in us to conjure up also the more desolate days into a celebration.

On our facebook page we announced the start of a mini concert series by making the recordings made by our students available to the general public via our YouTube channel. All this is done by the consent of the performers.

Sincere appreciation and congratulations to our students and their teachers for these lovely productions!