Opening of the 46th Academic Year

29 September 2020

On 14 September the Institute started its most challenging academic year in its history since it opened its gates 45 years ago. 

Imre Pozsgay, deputy secretary of state for cultural affairs,
at the opening ceremony in 1975

Forty-five years ago on this day, the 29th of September, the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music officially opened in a reconstructed 18th-century Franciscan monastery building, with the objective of becoming the authentic centre for nurturing the music pedagogy philosophy created by Zoltán Kodály.

On the 14th of September this year, the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, however hard hit by the consequences of the worldwide pandemic, started its 46th academic year.  

As Dr László Nemes, director of the Institute said earlier in his closing speech of the Kodály Seminar Online 2020, "we shall not pull the blinds down, instead we open our windows and gates even wider and continue to reach out to the community of music educators even more. We want to connect with everyone who believes in the same values we believe in. To those who understand that the values of musical art and the joy of music making can only be transmitted to the next generation by teachers who are highly capable and properly trained musicians. All those who constantly want to become better. All those who believe that we can help in reaching their musical, pedagogical and artistic goals."

After Director Nemes welcomed the students, some of them present online, some in person, they took the traditional oath to become official members of the Institute community. Singing together this time was replaced by listening to recorded music.