New functions released on the Kodály HUB

16 December 2021

The Kodály HUB extended its features within the MUSICBOOK (previously known as Songbook). To celebrate these functions, we have a nice offer for KodályHUB users.


Users now can classify their material into three categories: SONGS, MUSIC LISTENING and CHORAL MUSIC when uploading them to the MUSICBOOK, that contains analysed musical materials with pedagogical and teaching tips.

The “SONGS” has remained as the SONGBOOK was with searchable analysed parameters of the collection of songs that are suitable for classroom teaching including game descriptions, teaching goals and tips.

The “MUSIC LISTENING” menu is to help active music listening during a classroom lesson.

In the “CHORAL MUSIC” section teachers and conductors can search adequate repertoire depending on their choir, for what occasion and what level they are looking for.

To celebrate the new functions in the Musicbook, we have a nice offer for KodályHUB users.

The Institute will give a 50% discount for one of its Spring term online course (choice of the winners) to 3 users who upload the most records into the Musicbook between now and the 8th January 2022.
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The Kodály HUB team wishes everyone good luck for their new uploads!