Director's Notice, March 23rd

18 March 2020

Dear Students,

I am sure that through reading or listening to the English-language news you are all aware of the difficult situation that Hungary is currently facing similarly to all countries across Europe. This week we are doing our best to get ready for eight weeks of distant teaching. 

Of course we are keeping our hopes up that after a few weeks we might be able to get back to the normal teaching routine, however the current situation does not look promising. Nevertheless we need to get the best and the most out of this current situation and do our utmost to turn these coming weeks into a meaningful experience for you and for all of us. Thank you for taking the situation seriously. Please continue looking after yourself and each other. You can count on the staff should you require any assistance. Please notify us of any health issues immediately after they occur. We can advise you on what to do. We are aware that several people have returned home. We understand and support them in their decision. They will of course continue the courses similarly to those who decided to stay in Hungary during these critical times. Kecskemét is a relatively safe environment but you still have to act wisely and follow the regulations and order of the authorities. The decisions of the Hungarian authorities apply to all foreigners including international students during their entire stay in Hungary. 

Our faculty, together with the management of the Institute, is currently working on preparing for distant learning commencing next Monday. We are working hard in order to enable all of you to continue your studies and finish the semester at the end of May. The Liszt Academy does not want any of its students to find themselves in a disadvantageous situation arising from a changed academic schedule.

Here is some information for you in regards to the academic calendar.

  • Spring break scheduled for April is happening right now!
  • All of you will be approached by your teachers in regards to the work plan for the period between March 23rd and May 15th. There will be various ways you will work with your teachers but the most important platform is Google Drive where all the teaching/learning material and assignments have to be uploaded. Please note that valid and adequately documented learning is necessary for the completion of each course.
  • You will be informed about the form of examinations and final concerts later.  

Finally, let me quote our Vice President’s message to all students of the Liszt Academy:

“Dear Students! We are sure that even in this remarkably difficult situation (which requires our teachers to use uncustomary and innovative tools) we can overcome the obstacles before us by paying attention to and helping each other.” (Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky)

Kind regards,

Dr László Norbert Nemes
Kodály Institute
Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music