About the documentary "Kodály belongs to all of us"

15 March 2019

A documentary film directed by Attila Kékesi and Gábor Zsigmond Papp on the worldwide adaptation of the Kodály-concept featuring examples from the United States, Portugal, England, Finland, Scotland, The Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia.

The documentary about the international adaptation of the Kodály concept has been released. Through the example of many outstanding music educators, choirs, choristers and other musicians all around the world the film manages to capture the respect for the achievements of the Hungarian music education over the past 50 years. It validates that the music education practices developed according to the Kodály concept have the magic power to implant into people the love for music and the joy of singing for a life time, while the music literacy skills indispensable for high standard music making and the understanding reception of music can also be developed to the highest levels. Recorded in Asia, the USA and Europe, the film invites you to get an insight into the educational work of Kodály’s disciples as well as to that of several generations of musicians following in their footsteps. Music teachers tell us about how the encounter with the values of Kodály’s concept has changed their life, their attitude towards teaching and toward music. The impact music learning, singing, choir communities have on children, their mental development and their development as a person is demonstrated in a very moving way.


Directed by Attila Kékesi, Gábor Zsigmond Papp
Cinematography by Zoltán Lovasi, Attila Kékesi
Edited by Levente Pap
Sound by Gábor Bányay
84 minutes with English subtitles