Kodály Bibliography

This online database was made possible with the financial grant of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the National Cultural Fund. The project entitled Zoltán Kodály's Life and Work - the international bibliography of the Kodály literature was initiated and sponsored by Mrs Sarolta Kodály in the mid-1990s.

Between 1999 and 2003 it was subsidized by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund.

During the years, nearly 10000 bibliographical items have been collected, mainly from Hungarian newspapers, periodicals and books, but not exclusively from Hungary.

In 2004 the grant from the National Cultural Fund and the Ministry of Informatics and Communications made it possible so that a selection of the most important bibliographical items is now available on this website for those experts and non-experts who are interested in Kodály's life as a composer, pedagogue and folk music researcher.

This selected bibliography, as well as the unselected background database which its compilers requires continual supervision, and qualitative and quantitative expansion.

Selection is needed because of the wide variety of the value of the information contained in those bibliographical items.

Thus, only those items are included in this online database that concern, for instance, the first or other outstanding performances of Kodály's most important musical pieces.

Besides the basic bibliographical data, we hope that the annotation to each item will be helpful as well.

We thank our sponsors and the several of our colleagues who helped to collect the tremendous amount of bibliographical data. Without the financial help of our sponsors and the diligence of our researchers, we would not be so far ahead in this undertaking, and we would not be able to be such a rich information centre.

This database can be searched in various ways. The simple search makes it possible to look for any word or part of a word anywhere in the bibliographical items. By using the advanced search, one can look for things like titles of musical pieces, authors of articles, studies and books, titles of periodicals, dates of publication, and last but not least, keywords, and one can combine these conditions. 

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