Zoltán Mizsei DLA

Position: Assistant Professor
Subjects taught at the Institute: Choral Conducting, Music History


1988 – 1995:
- Diploma in Choral Conducting at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
- Diploma in Church Music at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest

2004 – Completed his doctoral studies at the Liszt Academy of Music in Church Music. Dissertation: The Vespers Music of Costanzo Porta

Teaching experience:

2019 – present: the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – teaching conducting and music history

1995 – present: Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – Church Music Department

Subjects and Activities:
- Repertoire and History of Renaissance Church Music
- Mensural Notation – The Notation of Polyphonic Music in the 11th-16th Century: Theory and Practice. Singing from and editing facsimile scores.
- Hymnology – Catholic Church music in vernacular: History and Today’s Practice
- Gregorian – Survey of Western Plainchant: Genres, Theory, the Liturgical Year, Basic Repertoire
- 20th Century Vocal Church Music – Practice and Repertoire
- Choral Conducting Techniques – Practice and methodology
- Practical voice and speech
- Conducting the Choir of the Church Music Department (Schola Academica)

2005 – 2017: Budapest Contemporary Dance High School
Teaching piano and music appreciation course for dancers (History of Western classical music and an overview of world-music).

2004 – 2010: Eötvös Loránd University, Gusztáv Bárczi Faculty of Special Needs Education, Budapest
Teaching improvisation techniques for music therapists.

1995 – 1997: József Eötvös Grammar School, Budapest
Music teacher (History of Western classical music, Conductor of the Student’s Chamber Orchestra and Choir).

1994 – 1995: Leó Weiner Secondary School of Music, Budapest
Teaching solfège, church music, conducting the Student’s Choir.

Masterclasses in Hungary:

- Cantor Regis Hungariae Masterclass series - Historical Church Music Workshops (2011, 2012, 2014, 2016)
- Church Music Workshop, János Richter Secondary School of Music in Győr, 2012
- Sounding City Summer Music Academy, Kőszeg - Renaissance church music and vocal improvisation workshop (2017, 2018)
- University of Pécs,  Arts Faculty: Music of the Renaissance Workshop, 2014

Artistic activities: 

Solo singing, conducting, ensemble playing, composing (See Publications and YouTube Channel)

Publications (all in Hungarian):

Doctoral thesis:

The Vespers Music of Costanzo Porta – Dissertation for the Church Music DLA Faculty of the Liszt Academy of Music Budapest, 2003.


Falsobordone – An anthology and introductory notes on 16th century polyphonic psalm tones (Liszt Academy of Music, Department of Church Music, 2010)


Four articles in the book Kőszegi történetek: Kodály and Co., Liszt at the Ballhouse, For whom the Kőszeg Bells ring?, The Square pig in the Chorus (Kőszeg, 2019)

Aspects of Notation and rhythm in the first printed Catholic Choral Book in Hungary – in “A keresztyéni gyülekezetben való isteni dicséretek – Népénektáraink régen és ma” (Liszt Academy of Music, Department of Church Music, 2011).

Falsobordone – A musical anthology of 16th century falsobordone settings with an accompanying study. (Liszt Academy of Music, Department of Church Music, 2010)

Beatrix Chorale – Description of a musical manuscript in a Catalouge of the exhibition ”Hunyadi Mátyás, a király” (Budapest Historical Museum, 2008)

I Putti – On the Position of Choral Singers in Late 16th Century Italy – in “Inter Sollicitudines” (Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Liszt Academy of Music, Department of Church Music, 2006)

On the Popularity of a Franciscan Composer as Reflected in Manuscripts and Printed Works at the End of the 16th Century – in “Socia Exultatione” (Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Liszt Academy of Music, Department of Church Music, 2003)

Editing and writing:

Record reviews for Gramofon (a Hungarian music magazine) (1999)
Foreword for Renaissance Hungarian Dances for Guitar (Editio Simonffy, 1999)
Translation and proofreading: Lives of Great Composers (Gloria Publishing House, 2002).
Accompanying notes for several Hungarian early music CDs (from 2000 to present):
Thousand Years of Hungarian Music (TERMA, 2000)
Musica Profana: Kájoni kódex (Harmónia produkció, 2004)
Amor Sanctus (Gryllus, 2005)
Voces Aequales: Beatissima Beatrix (Hungaroton, 2008)
Musica Profana: Antico e moderno (Harmónia produkció, 2010)

Keynote speeches:

2013 – Tours (FR), Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance: Angelorum laus – Traces of angelic singing in plainsong and renaissance motet – Budapest, FUGA: Angelorum laus (Memorial Conference to László Dobszay)

2014 – Budapest, FUGA: Quaerite primum regnum Dei – Did Mozart know Costanzo Porta? (Memorial Conference to László Dobszay)

2015 – Budapest, Liszt Museum: Composers in Schola Hungarica (keynote and concert organization at the Dobszay 80 Memorial Conference)

2017 – Linz (Austria), Kepler Univerity: Sounding City

2018 – Budapest Music Centre: Introduction of Collegium Sonorum (see his Youtube Channel)


Voces Aequales Vocal Ensemble

- Officium de Cruce (Fonó Records, 1997)
- Triptychon I – Apocalypsis (Fonó Records, 1998)
- Triptychon II – Genesis (Fonó Records, 1999)
- „Ecce Maria genuit” – Christmas in Milan, 1456 (Maeter Records, 2001)
- Thomas Stoltzer: Marian motets, Missa „Kyrie summum” (Hungaroton Records, 2002)
- Triptychon III – Tempora (Fonó Records, 2006)
- The Voice of Bakfark – Chansons and Madrigals in the lute-intavolations of Valentin Bakfark (Hungaroton Records, 2007)
- Beatissima Beatrix – Works by Tinctoris and Stokem (Hungaroton, 2008)

Voces4 Ensemble

- Contemporary Gregorian – Double Quartet (Sony BMG, 2005)
- Early Music – with Núria Rial and Balázs Elemér Group (Hangvető, 2007)

Voces3 Ensemble

- Sacred Voice – with Irén Lovász, 2006

St Stephen’s Cathedral Choir

- Vespers for the feast of St Stephen, King of Hungary (Maeter Records, 2001)
- Dedicatio Ecclesiae (Maeter Records, 2005)

As composer, arranger and keyboard player:

- AT Ensemble: Quand je suis my ou retour (Pannon Jazz, 1995)
- Trio Calamona: Retrouvère (Periferic Records, 1999)
- Cloud-doors – with Irén Lovász (Hungaroton, 2005)
- Amor Sanctus – with Márta Sebestyén (Gryllus Records, 2005)
- Trio Kerub: Flying Modus (Hunnia Records, 2019)

As solo singer:

- Béla Faragó: A fény arcai – with Katalin Pitti (Binder Records, 2002)
- Ádám Kondor: Der Richter – with Trio Lignum (BMC Records, 2004)
- László Melis: Mulomedicina Chironis, (BMC Records, 2005)


- ”Record of the Year 2000” at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation - as the member of A:N:S Chorus in 2000
- Artisjus award (as the leader of Voces Aequales Vocal Ensemble) for the promotion of Hungarian contemporary choral music in 2005


Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/mizsei-zolt-n      
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQqN6g5WBnJ79BZ3dfiWM7Q/playlists?view_as=subscriber