Study tour to Nyíregyháza

Visit to the Zoltán Kodály Primary School and the Cantemus Choral Institute, Nyíregyháza, 8-9 May, 2014

The students of the Kodály Institute participated in a two-day long study tour in Nyíregyháza where they visited the world famous Cantemus Choral Institute at the Kodály Primary School.

The study tour was made possible by a European Union tender won by the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music (TÁMOP-3.2.13-12). 

Students of the Institute could get an overall understanding of the work of both the Kodály Primary School and the Cantemus Choral Institute by taking part in various programmes such as demonstration classes, lectures, concerts, and choir rehearsals.

The first programme began on 8 May with three demonstration singing classes of the 6th, 2nd, and 3rd graders held by such excellent teachers as Dénes Szabó (founder of the Cantemus Institute), Ria Botos, and Rita Szőke.

A lunchtime „year group concert” given by the pupils of the Zoltán Kodály Primary School, demonstrated the high level of music education the school provides. In this concert pupils of the school performed some choral pieces as well as a selection of songs learnt during their music lessons. 

The concert was followed by an introductory lecture given by the director of the school, Mrs. Szilvia Baloghné Németh where students had the opportunity to ask various questions about the educational operation of the school. In the afternoon, Soma Szabó held a choir rehearsal of the Mixed Choir. The day was closed with a beautifully organized concert when several choirs performed such as the Cantemus Childrens’s Choir, the Pro Musica Girls Choir, and the Cantemus Mixed Choir, conducted by Dénes Szabó and Soma Szabó.

The second day began with three singing lessons (7th, 5th, 1st graders). In the afternoon all choirs had their rehearsals until late evening where the international students of the Kodály Institute could observe the everyday work of both the choir leaders and the choir-singers.

All students taking part in the study tour were touched by the enthusiastic atmosphere and the high standard of artistic work they have experienced in Nyíregyháza during these two days.