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International Summer School 2014

With our internationally acclaimed faculty members and artists-in-residence, the Kodály Institute announces its 1st International Summer School with the following courses between 18 July and 1 August, 2014:


Liszt Academy of Music Grand Hall reopened

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music celebrated the refurbishment of its magnificent main hall by a grand opening gala on 22 October, the birthday anniversary of its founder, Ferenc Liszt.
From now on, this significant centre of classical music famous among others for its tremendous acoustics will be there for concert-goers and students of the Academy alike.

Cantemus Children's Choir at the Institute

On 16-17 October Dénes Szabó held a choral workshop with his choir, the Cantemus Children’s Choir from Nyíregyháza. The workshops primarily dealt with voice training appropriate for children choirs, and how one could train a choir to achieve this sound through choir rehearsals alone.


Trip to Pécs and Kisjakabfalva

After the Orientation Week, which not all of the students attend, came another opportunity to get together and form friendships for the school year on 12-13 October. The students of the Institute (with some staff members), thanks to the planning by director Dr László Norbert Nemes, took a short trip to Pécs aiming to see as many sights as possible led by Dr Árpád Tóth. 


Orientation Week

The Kodály Institute organises a series of daytrips around Hungary every year for the new students. The trips take them to places which have musical, historical or ethnograpical significance and which are more difficult to visit on individual trips. During the week students acquire a historic and geographic overview of Hungary, while also learning a lot about customs and traditions here. 


The 2013-2014 academic year began

On 13 September the 2013-2014 academic year officially began. After Director László Norbert Nemes's speech at the Opening Ceremony, the students took the traditional oath to become official members of the Institute community. Click to see the photos!


Successful Kodály Seminar in Rome

Between 2-6 September, 2013, at the Hungarian Academy in Rome organized for music teachers, choral conductors and other professional musicians - in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hungary and the Hungarian Academy in Rome - with more than 60 participants from Italy, held in the Palazzo Falconieri in Rome.


Summer events in pictures

Photos of the 27th International Kodály Seminar and Kodály Art Festival and the 21st International Kodály Symposium are on facebook.





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