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The Library of the Kodály Institute is in the new building and serves research and study needs of the Institute, provides scores covering a wide range of periods and genres, a rich collection of choral music, books in Hungarian and foreign languages, music periodicals in Hungarian and foreign languages and audiovisual documents.



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Mon-Thu: 9-12 am, 2-6 pm
Fri: 9-12 am
Tel: +36 76 481 495
e-mail: library[at]kodaly[dot]hu


The music pedagogical Archives is located in the old building and is devoted to the collection and study of documents concerning Hungarian music teaching and the work of Zoltán Kodály. It contains books, scores, records and thousands of other documents such as doctoral theses, newspaper articles, interviews, photos and concert programs. It includes a large amount of material (books, curricula and syllabuses) on the practical application of the Kodály concept abroad. This material is increasingly helpful in international music pedagogical research. As special collections the Archives safeguards donations from great musicians and music pedagogues from Hungary and abroad.

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Visit is possible after setting up an appointment.
Closed on Wednesdays.
Tel: +36 76 481 495
e-mail: archivum[at]kodaly[dot]hu


Adjacent to the Library is the Institute’s sound and video recording Studio. In 2001 the Kodály Institute was the recipient of the prestigious “Japanese Cultural Aid” award. The award consists of a complete digital audiovisual equipment and musical instruments (2 Yamaha grand concert pianos). This high standard equipment enables the Institute to make digital sound and video recordings of concerts, conferences, documentary and methodology films. For information about services and the prices of the Studio please contact us.

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Weekdays: according to the office hours Tel: +36 76 481 518
e-mail: office[at]kodaly[dot]hu