The Kodály Institute Alumni Network is based on the principle of opening communication between the Institute and its former students, as well as among the former students themselves. Please join us on facebook: Kodály Institute Alumni Network, Kecskemét.

If you are not a facebook user, please take a minute and update your information by filling out this form and sending it back to us.

If you would like to make a suggestion or offer to help in some way, please write an email to

Also, if you have contacts to former ‘Kodályan’ students, please encourage them to contact us or let us know so that we can update our files.

The Alumni Network is a new project which will be growing in time. Over the 38 years of its operation the Kodály Institute has had more than 1100 year course students from over 50 different countries. Help us to find these students!

Moments of the Reunion of former Kodály Institute students in 2005 is available in the Photo Gallery.


Volunteers – Kodály Institute Liaisons

This project was initiated by former students of the Kodály Institute.
The idea is to establish a ‘network’ of Kodály Institute Liaisons throughout the world.
The purpose of this network is to create an international web of support for the Kodály Institute and its former and prospective students.
This network is being built at the moment.

The Kodály Institute Liaison is a voluntary position. The duties of a liaison is to answer questions, give advice, etc. to prospective students. Another duty is to go around to different Universities, Colleges and Conferences that would be willing to have a presentation on the Institute and help advertise.

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact us.

Below are the names of Kodály Institute Liaisons throughout the world:

Australia: Jennifer Gijsbers
Elizabeth Scott
Helen Swan
Canada: Catherine Kubash
Ardelle Ries
Columbia: Carlos Basto
Elsa Munoz
Finland: Lotta Ilomäki (Aro)
France: Liz Le Couteur
Germany: Theo Bross
Great Britain: Marek Maryniak
Greece: Agathangelos Georgakatos
Michalis Patseas
Elizabeth Verouli
Ireland: Orla Flanagan
Lorraine O’Connell
Israel: Eran El-Bar
Italy: Diana D’Alessio
Daniela Quatrini
Korea: Kyungza Cho
Mexico: Gabriela Aguirre
Simonetta Soffientini
Poland: Dominika Lenska (Waluga)
Spain: Marta Jimenez
Switzerland: Csaba Kézér
Thailand: Supatra Korad
USA: Rachael A. Chagat
Donna Devito
Mendy Midzenski
Leonore Nelson
Diana Dugger