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Author: Papp, Zsuzsanna - Spiegel, Marianna
Title: Solfege in the Classroom
Publisher: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - Kodály Institute & Foundation for the Kecskemét Kodály Institute (2016)
Price: 14000 HUF

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Book description: A methodology reference book, which is equally suited for music education students at colleges and practitioners of solfege and music theory classes for children aged 6 to 14. (328 pages, paperback)

Author: Dobszay, László
Title: The World of Tones: Introduction to Music Literature - Part I
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2010)
Price: 3000 HUF

Book description: This two-volume edition contains the English translation of the Teacher's manuals to Volumes IV-VI of the "The World of Tones [A hangok világa]" solfege book series as well as all the exercises, assignments and remarks supporting the elaboration of the musical examples of the pupil's books. The first three volumes of the series are based on Hungarian folksongs therefore their use is not relevant to international practice. Thus the content of the teacher's manuals to these volumes are summarized in a single intoductionary manual. 
- Introductory Notes to Volumes I-II-III
- Teacher's Book and Instructions to Volume IV

The Hungarian Student's Books that are to be used with this English manual are also available at the Bookstore. Each volume is 1700 HUF.

Author: Dobszay, László
Title: The World of Tones: Introduction to Music Literature - Part II
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2010)
Price: 3000 HUF
- Teacher's Book and Instructions to Volumes V-VI
Author: Dobszay, László
Title: After Kodály: Reflections on Music Education
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2009)
Price: 3000 HUF
Book description: Second enlarged edition. The texts of Chapters 1-5 and Appendices 1-3 are reprinted from the first edition. The ideas concerning music pedagogy that are contained in this volume represent the revised version of five papers the author gave in the United States several years ago. The five lectures are: I. Principles, II. Music material, III. Methods, IV. Technique, V. School age. The appendix contains the following articles: Role and Place of Folksongs in Teaching Music, The Kodály Method and its Musical Basis, The Validity of the ‘Hundred-Year Plan’.
The closing chapter, entitled A Late Epilogue, was added to this second edition with the aim of reflecting on new situations and trends in music education. (144 pages, paperback)
Editor: Ittzés, Mihály
Title: A Kodály Intézet évkönyve V. = Year-Book of the Kodály Institute V: 2000-2005
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2007)
Price: 2100 HUF
Book description: The 5th volume of the Kodály Institute yearbook series contains the speeches of the international conference held on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Opening of the Institute (30 Sept & 1 Oct, 2005). The lectures given in English by Belgian, American, Australian, Canadian, Estonian, Greek, Chinese, Irish, British, Polish and Hungarian guests are edited and translated into Hungarian as well. These lectures can be divided into four categories: the place and role of Kodály's pedagogy in the world today; "Singing makes life more beautiful, and singers make other people's lives more beautiful as well"; the effect of music education on the human personality: music education - human education; masterpieces in the musical curriculum. A separate chapter deals with the activities of the Institute between 2000 and 2005. The Appendix consists of lists of teachers, data about the seminars and other courses, and the most important concerts, etc. Scores, illustrations, and photos make the documentation complete. (215 pages, paperback)
  Title: 30 Years in Pictures: A glimpse into the past 30 years of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music, 1975-2005 / 30 év képekben: Visszapillantás a Kodály Zoltán Zenepedagógiai Intézet elmúlt 30 évére, 1975-2005
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2005)
Price: 2800 HUF
Book description: A bilingual photo album presenting pictures about the past 30 years of the life of the Institute. (52 pages, hardcover)
  Authors: Barkóczi, Ilona; Pléh, Csaba
Title: Music Makes a Difference: The Effect of Kodály's Musical Training on the Psychological Development of Elementary School Children
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1982)
Price: 1200 HUF
Book description: The essence of the Kodály concept is to put music in the centre of children's education. Singing is the most effective way of entering fully into the spirit of music and of understanding it. This investigation proves the positive effect of musical education on personality and creativity. "We think that the Kodály method applies procedures and methods of general value besides the specific musical ones." (138 pages, paperback)
Also available in French:
Title: Etude de l'effet psychologique de la méthode d'éducation musicale de Kodály
(64 pages, paperback)
  Editors: Bónis, Ferenc; Szőnyi, Erzsébet; Vikár, László
Title: International Kodály Conference, Budapest 1982
Publisher: Editio Musica, Budapest (1986)
Price: 1000 HUF
Book description: The volume contains the full texts of the papers presented at the International Kodály Conference in December 1982 organised by the Hungarian Kodály Society on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Zoltán Kodály's birth. The papers are in English, German and in some cases in French dealing partly with the life and work of Kodály and partly with his extensive activities in the field of music education and folk music. (345 pages, paperback)


Author:  Breuer, János
Title: The World's Greatest Composers: Kodály
Publisher: Mágus, Budapest (1999)
Hardcover: 64 pages
Price: 2500 HUF

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Book description: This book presents Kodály's life and work in a nutshell, and it is richly illustrated with photos and facsimiles. Also available in Hungarian.

Author: Forrai, Katalin
Title: Music in Preschool
Publisher: Sound Thinking Australia (1998)
Price: 19000 HUF

Distributed by the Foundation for the Kodály Institute.
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Book description: The book was translated and adapted from the Hungarian Ének az óvodában (Singing in Kindergarten) by the late Jean Sinor, one-time president of the International Kodály Society. It is a very useful methodology book for kindergarten teachers of music. It consists of chapters on the role of music in the kindergarten, the materials (songs) and methods used, the development of musical skills, and the relationship between the home and the kindergarten. (208 pages, paperback)


Author: Hegyi, Erzsébet
Title: Solfege According to the Kodály Concept, Volume 1, Pupil's Book
Publisher: Kodály Institute, Kecskemét; Kodály Center of America, USA (1985)
Price: 1200 HUF

Book description: A systematic solfege book in two volumes using relative solmisation. The musical material includes pentatonic music, Kodály exercises, unison and two to five-part extracts from the Renaissance, Baroque and Viennese Classical periods. Planning suggestions are added to each chapter. In the Pupil's Book, 640 musical extracts are provided for improving different musical skills. Each activity is completed by suggested methods of practice. (95 pages, paperback)
Author: Hegyi, Erzsébet
Title: Solfege According to the Kodály Concept, Volume 2, Pupil's Book
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1987)
Price: 1200 HUF
Book description: See the description above.
(252 pages, paperback)
Author: Hegyi, Erzsébet
Title: Stylistic Knowledge on the Basis of the Kodály Concept: Characteristics of Folk Music and Renaissance Style, Advanced Level, Volume I
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1984)
Price: 1600 HUF
Book description: This book is both an organic continuation of the two-volume publication entitled Solfege According to the Kodály Concept, and the first part of a four-volume series: Vol. II: Baroque and Viennese Classical music, Vol. III: Romantic music, (published by Editio Musica Budapest) Vol. IV: 20th century music (manuscript, not published). Kodály exercises, which contain characteristics of folk music and Renaissance music are presented at first. Then the theoretical material is summarised and solfege-oriented practice methods are suggested for its mastery. Musical quotations for harmonic analysis, sight-singing material and exercises for improving musical memory (and ear training) serve to better our orientation of the practical knowledge of each given musical style. (145 pages, paperback)
Editor: Ittzés, Mihály
Title: A Kodály Intézet IV., jubileumi évkönyve = Year Book of the Kodály Institute, IV: 1975-2000
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2001)
Price: 1200 HUF
Book description: Published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the official opening (1975) of the Kodály Institute. It contains the memorial speeches given at the jubilee meeting, reminiscences, and excerpts from former students' letters, two studies about the activities of the Institute and six studies on music pedagogy, music history and musicology. The Appendix consists of data about the faculty and staff members, participants of the courses and concerts at the Institute. It is illustrated with musical examples, facsimiles, and photos. (264 pages, paperback)
  Author: Ittzés, Mihály
Title: Zoltán Kodály, in Retrospect: A Hungarian National Composer in the 20th Century on the Border of East and West
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2002)
Price: 2500 HUF
Book description: The book, publicly discussed as an academic dissertation at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) in 2002, contains studies that are the products of decades researching the historical, pedagogical and theoretical background to Zoltán Kodály's lifework. It also consists of further studies on music pedagogy, relationship between folk and art music, Kodály's choral works, Kodály's music historical and geographical connections, Kodály's influence on the next generation of musicians and educators. It is illustrated with musical examples. (285 pages, paperback)
Author: Kardos, Pál
Title: Intonation and Vocal Training in Choir
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2005)
Price: 2500 HUF
Book description: Pál Kardos (1927-1978) was an outstanding representative of Hungarian choral art and music pedagogy based on Kodály's ideas.
This book makes Kardos's theoretical studies on correct intonation available in English for the first time. His theoretical approach of acoustically perfect intonation, especially in choir, aims to help everyday practice for a better quality of choral sound. A lot of practical advice and many exercises can be found in the book. (108 pages, paperback)
Author: Kontra, Zsuzsanna
Title: A Guide to Teaching Musical Style: Vocal Music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century
Publisher: Kodály Institute (2003)
Price: 5500 HUF, scores included
Book description: This practical book uses the relative solmisation to analyse various types of vocal works which represent the period of Renaissance, Baroque, Viennese Classicism, Romanticism and the Twentieth Century. It is illustrated with musical examples and pictures. (93 pages, paperback)

Author: Kontra, Zsuzsanna
Title: Let Us Try to Sing Correctly: Training for Singing in Parts
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1995)
Price: 1800 HUF, scores included


Book description: This booklet is a practical guide to Let Us Sing Correctly by Zoltán Kodály (1941). The analysis of the exercises is not theoretical but rather the result of actual teaching practice. The exercises are dealt with in order and according to the tonality in which they are written. Other ways of practising (using hand signs, transposition, exchange of parts, etc.) can also be used. At the end of the analysis there is a short summary of Pál Kardos's theory regarding acoustic and tempered intervals. (58 pages, paperback)
Author: Lendvai, Ernő
Title: Symmetries of Music: An Introduction to Semantics of Music
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1993)
Price: 3800 HUF
Book description: This analytical book contains studies on such topics as the axis system, harmonic principles, and many others. Beyond the arithmetical construction of the harmonic elements, the author directs attention to the physiological, historical, and aesthetic grounds of our musical language. It is richly illustrated with musical examples. Mostly Bartók's and Kodály's musical language is analysed; Mozart, Verdi and Wagner examples are also given, and a theoretical foundation to computer in musical analysis. (155 pages, paperback)
Also available in German:
Title: Symmetrien in der Musik: Einführung in die musikalische Semantik
(173 pages, paperback)
Editor: Szögi, Ágnes
Title: Kodály's Music Educational Concept in the International Practice: a Selected Bibliography
Publisher: Kodály Institute (1993)
Price: 800 HUF
Book description: It is a selected bibliography from the collection of the Kodály Institute arranged according to topics such as the writings of Zoltán Kodály, his pedagogical works, lectures delivered at Kodály Seminars in Kecskemét, theoretical and historical books on the Kodály concept, didactic materials, song-collections, articles in periodicals and newspapers, unpublished materials and manuscripts, and audio-visual materials. (108 pages, paperback)